The Super Thin

What a crazy couple of days this has been. Particularly events that took place last night. A few friends and I wanted to see Into It. Over It. play the TLA but we dragged our feet getting tickets and the show sold out. Since @Katelynn_Kelly and I had already cleared our plans for the evening, we decided to go out for Indian food on South Street. Over dinner we continued a conversation that the two of us have revisited several times throughout the past couple of weeks. Katelynn had been unhappy with the boring monotony that had overtaken her life recently and wanted to break the school-work-sleep-repeat pattern she had fallen into. We talked about the Steve Jobs biography she is currently reading and how his beloved phrase “stay hungry, stay foolish” has been getting a lot of attention lately. Craving¬†spontaneity¬†and taking that philosophy to heart, Katelynn said “What if I got that tattooed on me right now?” to which I replied, “WHAT IF, you got that tattooed on you right now?”

Thirty minutes later we were down the street in No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo and the picture you see above is what Katelynn walked out with. It was a great night and I think a wonderful exercise in knowing that you have the power to change something about your life that is making you unhappy at a moment’s notice. Go out and do something for yourself tomorrow. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

This afternoon I ducked down an alley at 4th and Kater to make a phone call and found myself standing at this mural. I thought it was pretty cool.