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Well, here it is, three days into 2012 and I’ll be leaving for London in about 19 hours. I’ve been contemplating what to focus on in this entry - new year resolutions, 2011 in review, reliving the holidays. I guess I’ll do a quick hodgepodge of all three.

The holidays were great. Christmas was spent at our house this year and my sister and I trimmed the tree in 8mins 55secs which beat our time last year of 10mins (for those of you keeping score at home). New Year’s Eve was initially going to happen in Philly but ended up being spent in the corner booth at the diner up until just before the ball drop, in classic north jersey style which I am more than okay with. Also was able to attend Koji’s holiday show at Midtown Scholar with Chubb. It was killer this year and so great to be able to see so much colormake and philly fam in one place before I leave the states for a bit.

This year was full of crazy ups and downs, but I really see no reason to dwell on all of that right now. Whenever I go back and revisit a defining moment in my life I often find that the core of it consists of my relationships with certain people and what I learned about them as well as myself. I am blessed to have the people in my life that I do. In 2012 I would like to see that flourish. I want to make more of an effort to see friends that are far away and spend more time with ones nearby. Not just “hey, how are ya” time, but real valuable “let’s get the corner table and talk about our lives” kind of time. The only real “resolution” I want to make for 2012 is to get back in the habit of journaling. I used to journal all the time, but in the last few years I’ve just completely fallen off the wagon. I update this blog periodically but I mean, let’s be real. The last thing I posted was a screenshot of a young and disheveled Jimmy Fallon. There’s nothing that compares to the rich material that flows out of you when you’re writing for your eyes only, free of judgment or restriction. I highly recommend it.

Here’s to loving others, loving ourselves, and committing to whatever you may have set your sights on in 2012. It is¬†achievable. Do not fear failure. Cheers.

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