A Blanket Of Sleep Is Melting Across My Face

This past week has been bizarre. Being my last full week in Philly before leaving for a semester abroad, I was anticipating a lot of goodbyes. I guess I hadn’t really dwelled on it too much because the program really only lasts four months and I’ll be back in the city before the semester here is even over. Yet as the week went by and I saw so many friends for the last time before my departure and payed final visits to various locations where I’ve become a regular, I had a number of unexpected emotional goodbyes. I don’t mean to over-dramatize this, in the great scheme of things it really is a very short time, but I think the last few days have showed me just how integrated into this city I’ve become. This place really feels like home and I feel so fortunate to have formed wonderful families of friends that I can’t imagine my life without. Being in a situation where I know I wont be able to see them for several consecutive months has really made that apparent. I haven’t bid farewells to my hometown friends yet, but I imagine they wont be too tearful. After we all went on our separate paths after high school and still find a way to exist in each others lives, I think goodbyes don’t seem as hard anymore. Those relationships have already stood the test of time and distance and hold a special place in my heart,¬†irreplaceable¬†by anyone. I’m looking forward to spending the next two weeks seeing the people I love and am eternally grateful for.