Tuition and Boobs

Above is a photo of my mom, back in the day.┬áSometimes I feel like an overwhelming amount of blog posts I come across are girls swooning over photos of other girls with captions like “I would kill to have her life” or “It’s so unfair how perfect she is.” These posts never cease to make me feel sad. I want to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring someone or having a desire to change something about yourself, but what rubs me the wrong way is the huge number of posts that seem to idolize women in photos that have been positioned and retouched in such a way that they just barely resemble a healthy human being. We face so much criticism and judgement in our daily lives, most of which comes from ourselves. Love yourself and your life. It’s so full of beauty already. Don’t waste precious moments being envious of someone else. But if it’s admiration you’re looking for, at least direct it toward someone wholesome and real. Like my mom, here. I think this photo is absolutely stunning.